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Super-Early Build of Windows 8 Leaks Out



    Super-Early Build of Windows 8 Leaks Out

    Dying to know what Microsoft's got up its sleeve for Windows 8? Well, a very early build of it has leaked to the internet, and it sure looks a lot like Windows 7.

    That's likely because the build is so very early; any really serious changes probably have yet to be implemented. But there are some peeks at what's in store, such as: "Windows App Marketplace (check this out [here]), SmartScreen Security Filter, Aero Auto-Colorization (Auto color-changing theme colors, and more customization options), the ability to mount ISOs, and a Built-in AppX PDF Reader and IE9 Tile-based Metro UI." So that's fun!

    If you're curious enough, you can find copies of this early build out there on torrent sites to install yourself. But you probably don't want to, as the likelihood of it just killing your computer due to instability and insecurity is very high. Just have some patience, friends.

    Windows 8 Center via Slashgear

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