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Tag: For Apple Gaming Is It



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    Apple is looking to get deeper into gaming.

    Apple has already taken over the mobile computing market and it has used its iPhone and iPad to open the door to streaming entertainment.

    So what do Steve Jobs and company have their eyes set on next? If patents are any indication, Apple is looking to take the gaming industry by storm.

    Jobs already announced his company's venture into gaming with the introduction of Game Center in September.

    This week patents filed by Apple revealed the company is digging dipper into multiplayer games, according to Patently Apple.

    Apple is trying to patent a technology that would integrate a laser tagging game into a mobile device.

    The game would use virtual lasers and it would integrate various communication technologies, such as Wi-Fi, geopositioning mapping i and Bluetooth, to allow gamers to compete against each other.

    For more on the patent and its background, visit Patently Apple.