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Tech Companies Press Forward With Lawsuit Against NSA

Tech companies sue for right to release details about NSA data requests.



    Tech Companies Press Forward With Lawsuit Against NSA
    Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page and their companies aren't satisfied with the government's willingness to let them divulge details about the NSA's requests for personal data.

    Technology strikes back.

    Microsoft, Google and other technology giants -- whose data was shared with the U.S. government in the now-infamous NSA domestic spying program called PRISM -- said Friday they are pushing forward with a lawsuit filed against the government, according to reports.

    Tech companies are "on the defensive" in the wake of the revelations that they turned over day to the NSA, the LA Times reported.

    But the likes of Microsoft and Google also deny that they gave government investigators "special access," and filed a suit to force the Obama Administration to allow public access to how many "national security requests" were received -- and how deep the requests go, the newspaper reported.

    The companies tried to reach a settlement with the government, but failed.

    Facebook is also a party to the suit, the newspaper reported.

    The government did agree to release some data, but not enough to satisfy the tech companies, who said the release of data "is not nearly enough to justify" the government's silencing of companies and the initial intrusions, the newspaper reported.