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Techies Go On YouTube 4 Obama

"Techies4Obama" videos launch



    Techies Go On YouTube 4 Obama
    Techies are stumping...

    They're already used to being on camera. Tech leaders like Aaron Levie of Box, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, Drew Houston of DropBox, and JLab's Judy Estrin.

    Now, they're facing the camera, to stump for Barack Obama's re-election.

    The group calls itself Technology For Obama, "T4O" for short. It's made up of well-known techies like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Path CEO Dave Morin, who have decided to put together a collection of videos talking about why technology and innovation is important, and why, in their minds, President Obama gets it.

    To see one of the clips, click here:

    Shot mostly in San Francisco, and helmed by CNet co-founder Shelby Bonnie, the videos are not flashy, they're simple. People like Hoffman talking about how "We need to attract the best people" to the industry.

    Obama has carved out something of a niche as a "tech-friendly" President. But, to be fair, there are plenty of techies supporting challenger Mitt Romney as well. Will they make a video, too?

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