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The Apple App Store: Over 2 Billion Served

Apple says 55 apps are downloaded every second



    The Apple App Store: Over 2 Billion Served
    A couple of Appe techies play around with the iPhone and try out some its apps.

    Who can blame Palm's Pre for wanting to impersonate an iPhone? Only McDonald'shas served more billions. iPhone users have downloaded 2 billion apps to date, Apple said.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement his ever-powerful app store reached another milestone: it has served over "two billion apps in just over a year, including more than half a billion apps this quarter alone."

    The tech blog Apple Insider calculated Monday that Apple's latest numbers means an average of 6.3 million digital delights are downloaded everyday. The New York Times reported that downloads are "up from a billion in April and a billion and a half in July." That's 55 app downloads every second.

    It's Apple's more than 85,000 available iPhone apps that has set its smartphone in a class of its own despite customer anger geared towards AT&T, the sole legal service prodiver for the iPhone.