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The Next iPhone Could Shoot 720p HD Video



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    Phones have already put the hurt on other gadgets such as digital cameras and GPS devices, and now it looks like HD camcorders will start feeling some pressure in the near future. As early as June, in fact, as that's when Apple is expected to announce its next iPhone, and it could boast the ability to shoot HD video.

    The beta software development kit for the iPhone 4 suggests that it will be able to shoot with the clarity of 720p, which is also fueling the rumors that it could be officially known as the "iPhone HD." (It's weird to see Apple follow Microsoft when it comes to a naming convention for once, isn't it?)

    Think of how many people just use their phones for snapping off shots now. Or for getting directions — especially when on foot. Plenty of video is recorded on phones even now, but the difference is that they'll actually look good from here on out.

    Via MacRumors