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The White iPhone 4 Is Delayed for the Third Time



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    The white iPhone 4 has been delayed again.

    Hate to be the person to bring you the bad news, but here it is: the white iPhone 4 is delayed…again.

    The white iPhone missed its original June 24 launch day, was delayed to the end of this year and now won't be released until Spring 2011 — and that's if isn't delayed some more.

    Poor Apple, it just can't seem to make the white iPhone 4 correctly. There have been many different stories as to why the white model still has not been released. Issues relating to Steve Jobs' dissatisfaction with the white on the front faceplate not matching the white on the home button are the most popular. Now a new report says otherwise.

    The new report suggests that the problem lies with the camera's inability to take pictures with accurate colors because of the semi-translucent glass back. The white glass back is apparently causing photos to become washed out, especially when used with the flash on.

    As usual, Apple's official statement was short and unrevealing, "We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we've decided to delay its release until this spring." Maybe this is all a conspiracy and there never will be a white iPhone 4 or maybe it's an exclusive for say the

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