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The iPad Finally Has Newspapers Thinking Digitally



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    Uncle Rupert might be all smiles about the idea of making aggregators pay to link to newspaper content online.

    Apple may be changing the publishing business after all. Just not how many experts thought.

    When Apple released finally the iPad last April, some analysts dubbed the tablet computer as the savior of the struggling newspaper and magazine industry. But it was quickly discovered that there were some problems doing business with Steve Jobs and company.

    Still the iPad -- and the iPhone -- may push newspapers and magazines into the new century yet. The Associated Press is pushing the development of a new organization to help newspapers pull money back from the pesky Internets.

    The AP says it sees potential revenue traditional media can capitalize on by news consumers turning to smartphones and tables for their news.

    Under the AP's plan, news organization would contribute stories, photos and video to a clearinghouse, which would then enforce any copyrights owned by media organizations and licensing deals for digital use of the content.

    But how the clearinghouse would affect bloggers and aggregators, such as Google News, who often rewrite or link to copyrighted material, is still not clear.