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Turn Your iPad Into a Giant iPhone



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    The iPad works as a phone after all.

    Some people reluctant to jump on Apple's iPad bandwagon questioned what was different about the 10-inch touchscreen that wasn't available in the smaller iPhone? Essentially some people dubbed the iPad a large iPhone.

    The people who called an iPad an oversized iPod Touch were probably closer to the mark. One crazy techie has given too much food for fodder for iPad haters.

    BoingBoing shows us how Steve Job's latest innovation can be used like his last one. The process to trick your iPad into acting like an iPhone is simple: buy a Moshi Moshi 01H handset, download the Skype app for yourself, connect to a Wi-Fi connection and start calling away. Of course you could do the same thing with your iPod Touch and save yourself some money.

    You now have an iPad that not only looks like a giant iPhone, it also works like one, albeit with a retro feel.