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Rare Apple I Computer Fetches Over $213K



    Rare Apple I Computer Fetches Over $213K
    A rare Apple I computer on display at the Smithsonian. Photo:

    Think the new MacBook Pro is expensive?

    An Italian businessman spent $213,600 on one of the first Apples ever built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniank in 1976.

    The 34-year-old Apple I was one of only 200 made by the dynamic duo that changed the world. Along with the computer, the winning bidder received a "commercially rare letter from Steve Jobs," manuals, a cassette interface card, a motherboard and other components of the machine, InformationWeek reported.

    But perhaps the biggest prize for the Apple fanboy, Marco Boglione, was getting getting Wozniak to sign the computer for him.

    The Woz was on hand for the Christie's auction in London and met with Boglione's brother who bought the computer for the businessman. Francesco Boglione said his brother bought the Apple I "because he loves computers."