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This $6,000 Toilet Is Totally Worth It. Right?



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    You might not be able to imagine any earthly reason to spend six thousand dollars on a bathroom fixture designed to accept your bodily waste, but that's only because you're not imagining hard enough.

    As you'd expect for a toilet that costs twice as much as my car, the INAX Regio Integrated Toilet has more premium features than you can shake a stick at, as it were. You'll find all the the following stuff built into this toilet, except for one thing, which I made up. See if you can figure out which one:

    • Automatic lid with proximity sensor opens when you approach
    • Heated toilet seat with temperature control
    • LED lighting inside the toilet bowl makes sure you have a bright and clear view of what's goin' down
    • Two cameras mounted in the bowl analyze your butt shape, tracking changes and providing either compliments or constructive criticism
    • Integrated speakers play music specifically designed to stimulate alpha waves in the brain, thereby relaxing your body and making your time spent on the toilet more productive
    • Two different nozzles extend from underneath the rim of the bowl to clean you up with jets of warm water. Can also be set to 'massage'
    • Automatic flushing mechanism activates when you step away from the toilet, and the lid closes
    • Plasmacluster Ion technology automatically activates to deodorize the entire room
    • When not in use, the toilet enters a power saving mode, using far less electricity while idle than most other electronic toilets

    Give up? It was the butt cameras.

    I think you'll agree, though, that all of these other features (now that you know they exist) should be a very very important, nay, absolutely critical part of your toilet experience, and $6,000 is a small price to pay for the level of comfort and personal cleanliness that an integrated toilet like this provides.

    The INAX Regio is available now in black or white, and check out the gallery below for some action shots.