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Turn Your iPhone Into a Real Teleprompter



    Turn Your iPhone Into a Real Teleprompter

    Making a speech soon? Here's your chance to sound just like President Obama. Import your text into an iPhone, and then mount this Prompt-It iPhone teleprompter in front of a camcorder or webcam. Then you can read your iPhone's text as it scrolls, looking directly into the camera's lens.

    Prompt-It uses that same "beamsplitter" glass used in professional teleprompters, letting the camera's lens see you, but showing you the reflected text directly in front of the lens. Here's a taste of Prompt-it's breathless sales guff:

    "Prompt-it is so light weight, it will almost fit in your back pocket! The Prompt-it is designed to be set up in under 2 minutes, and it all 'clicks' together easily."

    This $130 system includes the glass, the platform where your iPhone sits, and a handy carrying bag that also functions as a cover to make the prompter easier to see. Too bad it can't somehow attach this thing to the camera's tripod — it looks like Prompt-it requires its own tripod, which could complicate matters.

    That price doesn't include the iPhone app that you'll need to scroll the text, but the people at Prompt-it recommend ProPrompter, a $10 app that lets you import just about any text file, and then you can set its scrolling speed on automatic, or manually control the scrolling from another iPhone.

    Prompt-it, via Gadget Review and Ubergizmo