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Twitter Adds Board Member, More Cash



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    A couple of upticks for the San Francisco startup this morning indicate an even happier start to Twitters' holidays.

    TechCrunchreports that Kleiner Perkins is close to offering a new round of funding, based on a $4 billion valuation of Twitter. This is part of a bidding war and may lock KP into the driver's seat.

    And All Things D indicates that a Silicon Valley money man, Peter Currie, has been added to Twitter's board. Kara Swisher extrapolates in that article that the move "could indicate an intent to push to an IPO eventually."

    While the site works on "clarity" of purpose, venture funds and outright buyers are positioning for a strike.

    All of this despite CEO Dick Costolo's admission The Telegraph (U.K.) of a long-tail vision being elusive to the firm.