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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Takes "Responsibility" for San Francisco Poverty

In interview, tech magnate says he picks up trash every Friday at 11 a.m.



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    Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey takes San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee on a tour of Square's new offices in Central Market. Dorsey thinks that his company and all tech firms bear a "social responsibility" to help fix poverty.

    The homeless people on Market Street reviled by the tech community?

    They're the tech community's "responsibility," according to Jack Dorsey.

    The Twitter co-founder and Square CEO says all tech firms have a "social responsibility" to address growing disparities in income and wealth, according to an interview in FORTUNE.

    There's a growing "conversation" about how tech riches have exacerbated issues of rich and poor, high and low in San Francisco -- and though Dorsey goes and collects trash once a week near his firm's Mid-Market offices, "there's a lot more we can do," he told the news organization.

    But people are talking -- and that in itself is good, Dorsey mused.

    "I think the most important thing happening right now is there is a conversation about it," he said. "It's become a national conversation."

    Dorsey said "all companies" share a role in fixing the problem -- but also called on government to get involved. First off, San Francisco needs more housing to address a longstanding shortage that is vastly outstripped by demand. And second, there needs to be jobs.

    Jobs and housing -- Dorsey could be a politician!

    "It's going to be on every company to figure out (what to do)," he told FORTUNE. "And I definitely think it is a big role of government. As long as the conversation is happening, things are going to improve."