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Twitter Generation on Strike at UC Schools

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube offering peak inside system-wide student protests



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    Derrick Coetzee
    The protests that started Wednesday at Cal have expanded to UCLA and Davis, with updates being furiously posted by students on Twitter.

    As planned protests have spread from the University of California, Berkeley to UCLA and UC Davis, the best place to get new from the front lines is probably on Twitter.

    The sites make it easy for students to post updates even from within the occupation of Wheeler Hall, not to mention photos and video of police brutality, links to new reports of students getting tazed and information such as administrators to contact.

    Search Twitter for #ucstrike, and you'll get a real-time feed of the chatter.

    Searches of YouTube and Flickr also turned up a video, and images from the protest at Davis.

    Facebook seems fairly quiet, but might actually offer the better opportunity for student activists to triangulate protests within a known group of fellow travelers without alerting campus police or administrators.

    Unless, of course, you've let the fuzz be your friend.


    Photo by Derrick Coetzee.

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