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Twitter's Nerdiness Celebrated



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    Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
    Ev Williams and Biz Stone share a moment together at SXSW.

    They may still be trying to figure out how to turn a profit out of a billion dollars but Twitter has mastered the art of nerdiness.

    The head tweets behind the San Francisco-based social networking site have been dubbed the "Nerds of the Year" by GQ magazine.

    Biz Stone and Evan Williams made the fashion and entertainment magazine's Men of the Year list along with such other Bay Area notables as Clint Eastwood ("Badass of the Year") and San Mateo product Tom Brady ("Comeback of the Year").

    Stone and Williams had a busy year, overseeing the atmospheric rise of their microblogging site while watching their own lives become food for tabloid bloggers.

    Both men's sale of their "humble" homes -- with the help of Twitter -- to Williams' wife tweeting the birth of their child made headlines in newspapers across the country. While pictures of Twitter's new digs quickly made the rounds across the web and analysts scratched their heads as the company was valued over $1 billion.

    But nothing may signify the arrival of the nerd more than Stone's apperance on Martha Stewart and the moment housewives everywhere gasping as Williams taught Oprah how to tweet.

    Somewhere Ashton Kutcher is taking a tweetpic to celebrate the milestone.