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U.S. Government BlackBerrys Beat iPhones 9,140 to 86



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    President Barack Obama has been called the most digital president in American history.

    Don't get too smug, iPhone lovers, because the BlackBerry still rules in the nation's capital. In fact, the Blackberry has established such a tremendous foothold in Washington that of all the members of the House of Representatives and their gigantic staffs, 9,140 of them use BlackBerrys, versus a measly 86 iPhone users.

    What's the matter with those Luddites? Aren't they aware of all the apps available on the iPhone, its complete dearth of scandalous porn, its overall political correctness? And its, you know, coolness factor?

    I'm thinking they like that physical keyboard of the trusty Blackberry. And then there's that all-powerful inertia, the ubiquitous resistance to change that seems to be so popular in Washington today.

    Let's face it, Washington is a BlackBerry town, not only in the houses of Congress but reportedly all over the area. According to Localytics, this eighth-largest metropolis is the fourth biggest user of BlackBerrys.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it? Either that, or when in doubt, do nothing. Sounds just like Congress.

    Via Washington Post