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Verizon Rolls Out Testing of 5G Mobile Network



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    A Verizon logo is displayed on a building in New York City.

    In an attempt to keep up with the constant demand for wireless connectivity, Verizon has begun field tests of so-called "5G" wireless service near its headquarters in New York, NBC News reported.

    The company has partnered with Samsung in order to test the network in "real-world" conditions around Verizon's HQ, including indoors and in moving vehicles, according to Robert Varettoni, a spokesman for Verizon.

    The 5G network is stated to be better than the already rolled-out LTE network, as it reportedly eliminates the gap in quality between landline internet access and your smartphone. The company says it will expand testing over the next few months, according to a statement from Verizon.

    "The 5G technology being developed now is the foundation of our future connectivity, and the center of our digital world. In addition, 5G will have the ability to handle exponentially more connected devices and accommodate the explosion of the Internet of Things."