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Jawbone's UP Band Saves Appirio Healthcare Dollars

Jawbone's "UP" saving money



    Wearable Technology Saves Big Money

    San Francisco-based Jawbone's popular UP band is helping companies save health insurance dollars. Scott Budman reports. (Published Tuesday, June 18, 2013)

    You may already wear one, to help your health. It turns out that cool high-tech band on your wrist may also save your company big money.

    Jawbone, the San Francisco company that makes the popular UP band (full disclosure, one is dangling on my right wrist as I type these words...), just signed a deal to team up with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a group that helps kids avoid obesity, by living healthy lives.

    Yes, the guess here is that the plan will include bands worn, and data checked - In fact, the plan is to sell special orange bands, and donate $20 from each sale to Alliance. If you get one, you'll be helping yourself, and donating money to a good cause.

    The band/healthcare plan is already in place at San Francisco's Appirio. The company says that, thanks to employees wearing the UP bands, they were able to negotiate a $20,000 reduction in their health insurance.

    It's one thing to have a band lead you to more walking, or better sleeping. It's another to save a company lots of money. Look for the band/healthcare trend to catch on soon.

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