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When Will the Verizon iPhone be Revealed?



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    It now appears that a VerizoniPhone is more a "when" than an "if." So the question becomes, when is the when? One thing is fairly sure: a Verizon iPhone won't be announced at CES this January.

    Rumors of a Verizon iPhone (an event I was actually rooting against) have moved from tech-blogger wish list a year ago to mainsteam certainty in the last week or so. The most convincing evidence comes from a recent story in TechCrunch, detailing an enormous CDMA chipset order by Apple. On top of that, an inside source has revealed to DVICE some of its key features.

    So when will we know when is when? Bloomberg predicts a January reveal. Further fueling speculation of an unveiling at the annual Consumer Electronics Show is the perhaps not-so-coincidental announcement that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg will give a keynote address at CES.

    Maybe January is right, but CES is doubtful. Simply put, there's no way the Verizon CEO makes an iPhone announcement. No one steals Steve Jobs' thunder, and announcing a new iPhone, regardless of carrier, is Jobs' job. And since Apple has infamously (within the consumer electronics industry, at least) NEVER exhibited at CES, and since Jobs shares the stage with no one at any non-Apple event, there's no way a new iPhone gets announced at CES.

    Seidenberg's keynote will likely focus on


    , not a Verizon iPhone. There still may be an iPhone coming from Verizon in January, but Jobs will likely tell us either right before or, more likely, right after CES.