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Why Microsoft's Kin Phones Are Destined for Bloody Failure



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    Microsoft's new smartphone.

    The once-mysterious phones Microsoft was calling Project Pink had their coming-out party, and judging from numerous hands-on videos, we have the distinct impression Microsoft might have a flop on its hands.

    They've named the phones Kin One and Kin Two — maybe they should've gone all Dr. Seuss on us and just named them Thing One and Thing Two. Either way, both are on their way to Verizon next month.

    Far be it from us to issue a verdict without getting our own hands on these phones, but just look at them! Appearance is of the utmost importance with cellphone design, and the Kin One's bulbous jellybean-like shape is downright ugly. And what is the Kin Two akin to? Hundreds of other sliders already available, that's what.

    Beyond that, when you watch the way their cluttered operating system works, it seems way too sluggish. And sluggishness is the kiss of death. The clincher: You can't install apps on it — it's aimed at social networking/Facebooking teens. But we don't think teens are going to like this. They might as well have called them Smartphones for Dummies. Come to think of it, these phones would've been something special a half a decade ago.

    On the plus side, the Kin Two can shoot 720p video, and both of them share that Zune goodness that we love, reveling in all the videos and music that entails, so it won't be a total loss. However, given the competition, Microsoft Kin is going to be in for some tough sledding if the company wants to sell more than just a handful of these.

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