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Why Multiple App Stores Could Actually be a Good Thing



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    App stores are coming.

    Say "app" and "store," and most people will probably only think of Apple's aptly named App Store.

    There are a bunch of them coming, though — boat loads, including Apple's new one for its computers. On the one hand it seems awful and inconvenient to have to muck around with more than one, but one man has a pretty reasonable defense as to why a multitude of app stores could be a good thing.

    Pascal Finette, one of the top men over at Mozilla Labs (you know, the folks behind the Firefox web broswer), understands why we want just one, bug app store: "Having a single app store makes life easy… Tight integration into the OS layer makes purchasing apps a cinch (though I still wonder why I can't pay for my iPhone apps through the already established billing relationship with my cellphone provider)."

    That said, as Finette points out, when you only have one app store you only have one set of rules guiding their development. You only have one place to compete. Especially when it comes to Apple's App Store, which is cutting down on redundant apps, you only have a few apps for every function. High quality or not, you're trimming away necessary competition and innovation.

    "This [multiple app store] world is just a bit messier than the squeaky clean world of single, tightly-controlled app stores," Finette writes. "But it's a price well worth paying as this world is a more vibrant, more dynamic, more innovative place — and it's a better place for both the developer and the user."

    You can read his full piece right here.

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