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Wi-Fi in a Tuxedo



    12 Ways to Effortlessly Surprise Your Friends and Co-Workers
    That's a mighty fancy look Wi-Fi router you got there.

    The humble Wi-Fi router must have the most thankless job in gadget land, tirelessly delivering wireless Internet to you with nary an accolade. Asus aims to change that with the RT-N56U, the thinnest, prettiest router we've ever seen. Look at that shiny goodness! And hey, it can handle 300,000 concurrent sessions, standing at the ready for you and hundreds of thousands of your closest friends.

    It blasts out wireless signals using your choice of 802.11a/b/g/n gobbledygook, over dual bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. And get this, it can even make any USB printer, hard drive, or 3G dongle accessible from the network. But those stats, all done before, are not its claim to fame. This is a sexy router designed to hold forth out in the open for all to see. One of these days, Asus will tell us how much it costs and when we can get our greasy fingers (smearing shabby clothes) on one.

    Hey, look what we found! More pics of this flashy beast from the geeks at Engadget. Thanks, Engags!

    Via SlashGear and Engadget