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Yahoo Employees Get Unpaid Christmas Break

Cost-cutting move was announced last April, but still a little coal in the stocking



    Yahoo Employees Get Unpaid Christmas Break
    Justin Sullivan
    Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz started her Christmas shopping early, handing out lumps of coal to Yahoo employees back in April.

    Since Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took over this year, she's managed to increase profits even as revenue has declined by aggressively cutting costs.

    Mass layoffs that left more than 2,000 employees without jobs worldwide weren't the only belt-tightening move announced in April -- those left were told that they would have to take a week off between Christmas and New Year's Day -- presumably the better to cope with their survivor's guilt.

    Unless employees spend vacation days they've earned, they will have to take unpaid leave. While the savings of a week of pay might have saved a few jobs, the trickle-down economics of it all may mean that Santa is a little less generous for Yahoo spawn this year.

    Don't worry, if you can't figure out how to send your holiday message via Yahoo Mail, customer support personnel will be available.

    Holiday breaks are not unusual in Silicon Valley, with Hewlett-Packard and Adobe regularly making employees take the week off.

    Jackson West is workin' hard for his money, so hard for his money. Workin' hard for his money because the holidays are tight.