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You've Got Money! (And You Don't Even Know It)

1 in 10 of us is owed missing money



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    You're so money...

    Think about all the times you hop on the web. You know, to check Facebook, send out a tweet, catch a quick video, send an email.

    If the Office of The California State Controller is right, a quick web search is all it takes to actually find out that you have money (or property) coming to you. As in, right now. says one in ten of us is owed money by the US Government. This type of thing comes around every year, it seems, and every year some people are able to track money down.

    Go Banking Rates, which is a business trying to pair users with interest rates, says its guide (seen here: Click here to see the full guide to claiming missing money) will make it easy to track down what might legally be yours.

    In addition, the State Controller is also out this morning with a web-based way to track down unclaimed property. Controller John Chiang claims that it's also now easier, thanks to the web, to track down and find property that you may own.

    Yes, there's a link for that, too:

    Does this work? We've always been a little skeptical, but if nothing else, tracking down a lost IRS refund or something that may have been left to you by a long lost relative can't hurt, right? And maybe your next web search will, as Google always teases, make you "feel lucky."

    Scott can be tracked, without money, on Twitter: @scottbudman