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Zune HD2 on the Way? Already?



    Aw, man. It seems like just yesterday when we first laid eyes on the crispy clear screen and excellent user interface of the Zune HD. Now the rumor mill churns, and out the other end comes this golden nugget:

    The Zune HD2 "will be similar to an iPod Touch," and could ship as early as this year. In other words, it'll presumably be a part of that "Windows Phone 7 Series platform" and run Windows Phone 7 apps.

    So the Zune HD will soon be obsolete? Damn. The rumormongers didn't say when we might see the Zune HD2, so maybe this won't be happening right away. We really like the Windows Phone 7 interface, but why can't it work with the current Zune HD hardware? Looks to us like further evidence that this whole gadget racket thrives on planned obsolescence.


    Even if you are soon to be passé, Zune HD, we still love you.

    Via Gizmodo