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Zynga Stock Rises On UK Gambling Rollout

Zynga introduced anticipated gambling sites in the UK this week.



    Zynga Stock Rises On UK Gambling Rollout
    Justin W. Davis
    Zynga's stock rose on news that the San Francisco-based company had released its online gambling games in the UK.

    Stock in San Francisco-based online gaming company Zynga enjoyed its biggest rise in "more than a year" after the company unveiled its gambling products, according to Bloomberg.

    News that "ZyngaPlusPoker" and "ZyngaPlusCasino" are available to adults 18 and over in the United Kingdom gave Zynga stock a 15 percent boost.

    Zynga's fortunes have been up and down of late: the company's stock debuted at $10 and rose as high as $14 before plummeting. But as the company moves away from FarmVille and other games where users pay real money for virtual items to gambling sites -- a tried-and-true moneymaker -- investors are taking notice.

    Online gambling isn't yet open to Zynga in the United States: the company has made a filing in Nevada but may not become eligible for another 12 to 18 months, Bloomberg reported.

    The U.S. market for online gambling could top $7 billion by 2017.