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$65 netbook Is Weak, Ugly and $65



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    No bones about it, $65 is ridiculously


    for a laptop. I mean, $400 already feels cheap, and that's what most netbooks go for these days. $65, though?

    The company responsible for it is China's Creation Tech, and the power the "CTEB7G" is packing under the hood definitely matches the price. It has a 7-inch, 800 by 600 pixel display, an unimpressive 33MHz processor, a scant 128MB of RAM and a tiny 2GB worth of flash memory for storage. It does have Wi-Fi, surprisingly, as well as three USB ports and it runs Windows CE.

    The bad news (we guess?) is that you won't find the CTEB7G outside of China. In fact, it's rather hard to find, besides. We spotted it here, an online store that appears to be related to Creation Tech at least in name.

    Still, it'd probably be more than enough for pounding out word documents and browsing the less-intensive regions of the Internet. It really makes you wonder — how barebones would you go? Would you prefer something like this for $65, or does the added muscle you find in something like the netbooks Asus offers justify pulling out a few extra Franklins?

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