Apple, Tim Cook, IPhone…and Tuesday

A day before Apple announces its newest product(s) and the interwebs seem to be collectively holding back. No new rumors. No outrageousness. No Apple store riots in China. Nada.

But the buildup? That was spike after spike of conjecture and "sources say." Good stuff, for tech heads.

The new CEO, Tim Cook, will make his debut on Tuesday at the Cupertino headquarters. He'll most likely unveil a new iPhone. There's talk of an iCloud

There's a possibility of a down-scale iPhone version as well, given that Apple is ramping up its Asian presence with new retail stores in China and other spots. Nokia dominates the low-end market for phones, and Apple wants a bigger slice, according to Reuters.

In America, the iPhone has 28 percent market share -- Android, 43 percent. It seems like everyone has the phone they want, so kicking it up a notch is a challenge, for sure. The Wall Street Journal weighs in on that angle.

And just how will Cook differentiate himself from the iconic company co-founder, Steve Jobs? Will Jobs headline the show -- or even appear at all? Since stepping down as CEO, industry analysts and investors have accepted Jobs' diminished role. That doesn't lift the pressure for Cook, though.

He'll need to inspire and show some vision on that stage. The faster processor and bigger screen are sexy, it's true; but, Jobs casts a long shadow when it comes to showmanship.

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