Apple to Fix Location-Tracking Bug

Apple may have a fix to stop its iOS location-tracking bug within the next two weeks, according to reports.

The fix is supposed to come out with the next iOS update 4.3.3, according to Boy Genius Report.

Almost two weeks ago, a report that Apple was recording all iPhone and iPad locations rocked Apple's core fan base, eventually leading to a self-serving Q-and-A directly from Apple. Last week, Apple claimed that a software bug that allows for WiFi and cellular updates to continue to roam even after disabling the feature. The company said a fix was on the way.

BGR says that that bug will be handled and a few others, too. From the report:

•The update will no longer back up the location database to iTunes
•The size of the location database will be reduced
•The location database will be deleted entirely when Location Services are turned off
•Battery life improvements
•iPod bug fixes

Many disliked Apple's slow response to the location-tracking and I believe they should have released a statement immediately to repair the loss to its reputation. That didn't happen, but at least now the company is doing something to make the public see it cares about its customers and the privacy flap it created.

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