Apple's First iAd for iPad Is ‘Tron: Legacy'

Tron's new ad is just a preview of coming iPad attractions, on a couple of levels.

Once the domain of iPhone and iPod Touch, the mobile iAd has migrated to the market-busting iPad in high form, according to Advertising Age.

It's the first time the limits have been tested on the tablet, and is shown in apps like TV Guide. The fully fleshed-out iAd functionality comes out early next year. 

With rich graphics, touch-screen navigation, a preview of the soundtrack, theater locator, stills from the flick and a whopping 10 minutes of video, "Tron: Legacy" is getting the full treatment prior to Friday's theatrical premiere.

There are more than 125 million mobile Apple devices, worldwide, but only a fraction of them have the iAd capability. That makes gauging the consuming audience difficult. "Research firm IDC projects iAd will close the year with more than 8 percent of the U.S. mobile market, to Google's nearly 60 percent," according to Ad Age.

The whiz-bang effect is enough, for now, because consumers will want more and more of the sexy on their handhelds. Even if it is Disney.

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