Apple's Latest Glitch: White Version of iPhone 4 Delayed

Company says problem not related to antenna issue

 If you're picky about your iPhone and want the latest generation gizmo in white, don't hold your breath.

Apple, which released the standard black version June 23,  says the white model will not be available until later this year. The company originally said the phones would be available in late July.

Apple says the white phones have been more difficult to manufacture than expected. It did not say when the white models will be available.

Apple's iPhone 4 rollout went well, with millions sold in a matter of days. But earlier this month, the company was forced to apologize and offer free rubber cases for them after several users reported that the phones get hot if they are held in a certain way because of the antenna.

Apple boss Steven Jobs also admitted that the iPhone 4 has more dropped calls than its predecesser, the 3GS, but said it's just a difference of one call per 100.

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