Apple Puts Kibosh on Jobs' Ninja Figurine

A $90 investment in an homage to Steve Jobs probably just tripled -- at least -- in value. The Chinese figurine (already banned on ebay) was kiboshed today by Apple's coterie of lawyers.

According to, they were slapped with a cease-and-desist over the distribution of a stunningly crafted "Ninja Edition" doll.

MiC has pulled the item from its shelves -- and the entire planet, for that matter:

Anyway, M.I.C. Gadget hereby apologizes to Steve Jobs, Apple.Inc, and their law firm for any inconvenience caused (for the second time). For those of you who want to get the action figure, sorry, it will no longer be available for sale on Earth.

A bastion of iPad rumors, and the occasional breaking story on what's happening upstream in Apple's ecosystem, MadeInChina seems to admit they saw the C&D coming, but they also question just who was buying those little tribute statues. 

We reviewed [the figurine] on January 18, and we received the email on February 8. That’s almost a month time! We believe someone from Apple has bought the figure so the lawyer took so much time to look for us. So, who bought it??

Who, indeed, MiC.

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