Sorry, Verizon Fans: No IPhone Until 2011

Bad news for iPhone users who are tired of dropped calls due to AT&T's poor coverage. And bad news for Verizon users who are anxiously awaiting their very own shiny iPhone on Verizon's robust network: The Verizon iPhone isn't coming next month.

At least, that's what on analyst says. Analyst Brian Marshall says AT&T got a six month extension on its exclusive deal with Apple thanks to the data plan it offers for the iPad.   The 3G pricing deal gives a 50 percent discount to their normal wireless data plans for iPad customers and it does not require iPad users to sign contracts.

Marshall says he was shocked when Verizon didn't get the iPad, but now knows why.

If Marshall is right, AT&T will be the only option for iPhone users through the rest of this year.  The earliest you could sign up for Verizon is early 2011.

Apple is still expected to release the 4.0 version if the iPhone -- aka the Gizmodo iPhone -- in June, but it looks like it will only be available on AT&T.

In the meantime, people looking to escape from AT&T's poor coverage -- particuarly bad in San Francisco, although complains are common throughout the Bay Area -- can look to Android. Both Verizon and Sprint are about to release well-received Android phones made by HTC -- the Droid Incredible for Verizon and The Evo for Sprint.

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