AT&T Smokes Verizon’s iPhone: Study

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Granted, the entire Metricon Wireless report is $4,950, so we're trusting the Associated Press for the most part on this one; however, Metrico has a few bullet summation points that may shock, dismay or bemuse the handheld-devide lover in your life.

-- AT&T mean download time is twice as fast as Verizon's on their respective iPhone 4 models. Web pages loaded at about the same rate, though.

-- AT&T completed about 10 percent more download sessions than Verizon's.

-- AT&T Bluetooth was less clear than BlackBerry Torch and Curve

-- AT&T did not fare as well in call perfomance (faux gasp here) as the Samsung Captivate or HTC Aria.

-- Verizon iPhone is near the top in noise cancellation and about the same as Motorola Droid X and LG Ally.

-- Verizon is not only slower in download speed, it is also slower than other phone models on its own network. (That's gotta sting for those that paid AT&T cancellations.)

The AP article from Peter Svensson is here.

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