Grounded Balloon Boy Now a YouTube Star

This isn't the first time Falcon Heene's an online-video sensation

Theheenefamily via YouTube

Is there something familiar about Falcon Heene, the 6-year-old kid who captured the nation's attention when he was reportedly trapped in an experimental balloon designed by his parents -- but actually hiding in the garage attic?

The balloon landed in Colorado with no sign of Falcon, who turned up safe and sound at home. But those curious about the boy have turned to a reliable source: Google's YouTube. The online-video site, based in San Bruno, Calif., is filled with videos of the Heene family, thanks to their star turn on ABC's "Wife Swap."

Here's the strangest of the bunch -- a music video in which the Heene children, including Falcon, rail against -- ahem -- the emasculation of the American male:

And here are the Heene kids (Falcon's in the middle) making "booger soup":

There's even an entire channel devoted to the Heene family. Not every YouTube viewer is a fan of the Heenes' oeuvre, though. YouTube user ianmalcm declared the balloon episode "a stunt":

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