“Bat Dad” Talks Viral Vine Videos: “I'm Just a Normal Dad”

Move over Ben Affleck and Christian Bale. There is a new Batman in Gotham.

Blake Wilson is fighting bad manners dressed as the Dark Knight and the Vine videos he made to capture his superhero lessons have gone viral.

The 29-year-old dad from Roswell, Ga., puts on a Batman mask, a cape and his best Christian Bale-turned-Dark Knight voice to teach his kids lessons about potty training, saying please and chewing with their mouths closed. But unlike the brooding and dark Bruce Wayne, Wilson says his lessons are in good fun.

"I'm just a normal dad with four kids and a wife, having fun with them," he said on the Today show. "I like to think that I can be a fun dad."

Wilson, who goes by the handle "Bat Dad" on Vine, bought the Batman mask three weeks ago and the videos he posted now have over 4 million views.

Check out a compilation of his Vine videos below:

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