Bay Area Companies Urge Employees Return to Office as COVID Cases Fall

NBC Universal, Inc.

As total COVID cases continue to fall, many Bay Area companies are starting to urge their employees to come back to the office.

San Francisco is home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world and on Thursday, it launched a plan to bring techies back. 

The city put out the call for several businesses to return to in-person work this month and so far, Uber, Salesforce and Wells Fargo are among those on board. 

Within the last couple of days, Twitter and Google also announced plans to bring its workers back to the office.

City leaders say big companies coming back will help smaller businesses, like coffeeshops and dry cleaners, stay open.

Biotech firm 10x Genomics starting bringing employees back into the office Thursday and employees said they’re still careful, but this way is better.

"It's very much needed to have that personal interaction with your colleagues, we've been doing a lot over Zoom, we continue to do that, but there's no substitute for having people here working together closely,” said Chief Scientific Officer, Ben Hindson. 

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