New Netflix Flick Opens On Big Screen and Streams, Too


You may never watch movies the same way again.

Heck, you may never need to go to a movie theater again, after today.

A brand new Oscar-buzzed movie opens Friday. It’s called “Beasts of No Nation,” and it comes with strong reviews, and a strong well-known lead in Idris Elba.

But it’s doubtful that people will flock to theaters to see it, because it’s also streaming to TV sets at the same time.

Netflix, which (along with Participant Films) is releasing “Beasts,” is trying something new: Putting a movie in theaters and on home screens at the same time. And not just a little indie film. This one has a lot of potential.

Reports are already coming in that some angry theater owners (Regal, AMC, Cinemark) are refusing to screen the film, feeling left out.

By putting it into some theaters, Netflix and Participant assures the movie of Oscar qualification. Beyond that? A way smaller budget for publicity, theater release, etc.

Will it change the way we watch movies?

What about the theater experience?

Stay tuned.

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