BMW's Gorgeous Plug-in Hybrid Concept Car Gets Real

Last year, BMW showed that if it did want to make a plug-in hybrid, it'd make a damn sexy one. Now, the company has announced its intent to bring the car, which can be charged using a normal power socket in two and a half hours, to the masses in 2013.

Of course, since the car is still three years away the company has yet to put a price on it. That, and BMW will be trying to enter a market — the hybrid sportscar market — that has been teased by the likes of the Tesla and the Volt. Then again, the BMW name alone will probably bring enthusiasts flocking to the vehicle, which goes zero to 60 in under five seconds.

One thing we hope isn't final, though, is the name: Vision EfficientDynamics. Yep, spelled just like that. We ignored it when it was still a concept, but it doesn't seem to play well as a real product. That, and what's up with that paint job? We like the first iteration of the car best — take a trip down memory lane in the gallery below.

Via Fast Company

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