Boba Fett Backpack Guarantees Daily Poundings for Your Kid

Dressing your kid like your favorite Star Wars character might be fun when they're toddlers under your constant supervision, as long as you don't try to extend that thinking into their school years.

A good example is this Boba Fett Rocket backpack which might look cute to a geeky parent, but is probably going to make junior the No. 1 target of the 6th grade skater kids if he ever dares to wear it to school. Threatening to throw the bullies into a sarlacc pit probably won't help to diffuse the situation much.

I would probably set this one aside for Halloween, although at a wallet busting $50, it makes for a pretty expensive costume. (Admittedly awesome) helmet not included.

Think Geek, via Wired Gadget Lab

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