Video: CES Has World's Coolest Sand Castle

Not everything at CES is high technology.

If you want to see the latest and greatest invention in the world of electronics and technology, Las Vegas is the place to be this week.

All week workers were busy unwrapping and setting up displays that will show off many of the things that will be under next year's Christmas tree.

As gigantic companies put TVs and tons of wires in place at the Las Vegas convention center, we stumbled on three guys who called themselves "Team Sandtastic" outside the Panasonic booth. 

They are building some kind of Avatar sand display.  The three have been at it for about 24 hours and said they would be staying on the job through Friday.

The group is from Florida, so sand is something these guys are used to being around.

The display is the best thing we found by far and is awesome to watch.

The biggest surprise? 99 percent of techies walk by without noticing.

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, the largest show of new gadgets and tech wonders opens Thursday.

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