CES 2020

Big Screens, Flying Taxis and Robot Kitchens: #CES2020 Here We Come!

CES, the tech industry's biggest annual conference, promises a glimpse into the future of how robots and artificial intelligence will work their way into our daily lives — with blazing-fast wireless networks and huge, impossibly-thin color displays

CES attendees pass under an archway in a crowded hallway of the Las Vegas Convention Center
Jonathan Bloom/NBC Bay Area

What to Know

  • CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, begins Tuesday in Las Vegas
  • The tech industry's biggest annual conference features 2.5 million square feet of exhibits, from TVs to self-driving vehicles
  • We'll be at CES starting Sunday for a glimpse into technology's future

It's a cruel irony: Not even two weeks after Santa slid down countless American chimneys with his bag full of video games, smart speakers, laptops and stainless steel cooking gadgets, the world's biggest tech trade show is about to make them all obsolete in the blink of an eye.

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off on Tuesday, January 8 in Las Vegas, with some companies giving reporters an early glimpse of their latest innovations as early as Sunday. Sure to be on display are the latest giant TVs (just in time for the Super Bowl) and an entire convention hall full of futuristic transportation devices like last year's Bell Nexus flying taxi.

Already generating a buzz across the internet is Segway's S-Pod, a two-wheeled personal transportation device evocative of the floating chairs in the movie "Wall-E." Though Segway's chairs don't actually hover above the floor of a spaceship like the ones in the movie, their top speed of 24 mph is enough to get them a ticket on some San Francisco streets. Segway says they're intended for use on closed campuses, including theme parks.

With 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space spread across three separate venues, reporters from all over the world may be wishing they had those zippy Segway chairs to help lug their cameras and laptops between the massive, multi-story booths assembled by electronics giants like Samsung and LG. Last year, LG introduced an OLED television that rolls up into its base, and Samsung countered with a TV so huge it's simply called "The Wall."

This year will undoubtedly bring a new crop of 8K TVs (despite a near-total lack of 8K content to watch on them) along with futuristic home appliances. Last year, LG showed off a counter-top beer brewing appliance, and this year, the company is taking the wraps off an automated vegetable garden — a stainless steel appliance that fits nicely next to the fridge, and promises to crank out the perfect fresh-grown ingredients while you're in the next room watching that giant TV.

Away from the giant show-stopping exhibits, thousands of vendors will be vying for attention with innovations ranging from medical devices to smart home gadgets. Hot categories this year include:

  • An onslaught of smart wireless headphones and speakers, including a line being marketed by EDM producer KYGO.
  • Products to monitor and reduce home water usage, including some designed to find and stop damaging leaks.
  • Gadgets that promise to help you sleep better — including some for children, others for seniors, and one especially for working adults who must sleep during the daytime.
  • High-tech toothbrushes that promise cleaner teeth and less time spent brushing.
  • Home security cameras, smart locks and alarm systems — and security products aimed at preventing your other security products from being hacked.

CES is always full of surprises — like 2019's Google Assistant amusement park ride — and we'll be there starting Sunday to capture all of them. Watch this space for updates, and be sure to follow @BloomTV on Twitter for the latest #CES2020 news!

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