Crunchies Presenter John Oliver Protests Tech

They invited a comedian. Did they get a revolutionary?

It open with an epithet, but then it got really real.

He mentioned the Google buses and "peasants" in the same breath.

Comedian John Oliver greeted the tech community at its awards show, the Crunchies, Monday night at Davies Symphony Hall -- and began by questioning the need for an awards show in the first place.

"You already have all the money in the world," he said. "Why do you need awards after that?"

Jokes? Oliver came prepared. He told Uber that it had "no morality," he bagged on Larry Ellison as a cartoon villian for cheating during the America's Cup, and mocked billionaire Tom Perkins for his unfortunate "six Rolexes" comment, as "some kind of classless West Coast rapper."

"So are you ready for a fantastic evening of Crunching?" Oliver asked. "Whatever that is."

A Salon writer said that Oliver's monologue made him sound like he was "warming up for the French revolution."


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