D’oh! An App From the Mouth of Homer Simpson

Getty Images

New iPhone apps flood the market daily.  So many, consumers can barely keep up.  Suffice it to say any good idea is now or soon will be available on your iPhone.

One did catch our attention today, because when we heard about it the voice of Homer Simpson came to mind. "D'oh?"

The app translates a baby's cry and instantly tells parents what is wrong.

Homer's half-brother Herb Powell came up with the same idea during a 1992 episode.  Homer funded the project and when the idea took off, Herb showered the Simpsons with gifts.

Some 17 years later, it jumped from the cartoon page to reality.

The real app claims 96 percent accuracy and costs $29.99.

It breaks down five distinct cries they claim tell you whether the baby is hungry, annoyed, tired, stressed or bored.

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