eBay Gets New Jesus Item

Bidding for the heavenly rocking chair opens at $25,000

After discovering the face of Jesus on a rocking chair earlier this year, a Southern California man is now putting the holy piece of furniture up for sale.

Lou Balducci owned the chair for more than 10 years before noticing the Messiah on the backboard in February. At first he was unsure what to do with it. Now, "Chair Jesus" is going on the auction block, with an opening bid that may have some people saying "Oh, my God."

"We had no idea what to sell it for," Balducci said in an e-mail to NBC LA. "We asked several people including an eBay expert, and they all thought about $25,000."

"If it doesn't sell, we will find a place for it," said Balducci. "I think if sold to the right person, it could be very inspirational for people to see as in a mission or church or even a museum."

As of Tuesday evening, no bids have been placed. The eBay auction ends Sunday evening.

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