Facebook's 3rd Largest Advertiser Is a Bing Scam

Ok, a list of the largest Facebook advertisers ... AT&T? Check. Match.com? Sure. Make-my-baby.com. Wha?

If users click through to make-my-baby.com they're offered an "enhanced experience"-- so enhanced that it replaces your browser's search with Bing, with the ne'er-do-well affiliate marketing site taking a slice of the revenue.

The anti-spam team at Google pulled together a compendium of links and data to help users avoid the Bing scam. ReadWriteWeb.com picked it up and paired with the AdAge article that got the ball rolling.

Google team leader Matt Cutts includes this: "Okay, I'll stop for the night. Except I'll just mention makemeold.com too, which looks like the same people. I guess partnering with Bing is better than their old scheme, which apparently hit up cell phone owners with auto-recurring fees of $10-$20 each month."

But he didn't stop. He then surfaced more Zugo-hosted fun/evil with zombies, oldies and other face-changing hilarity.

These Bing plug-ins are making the rounds -- to the tune of third-most ads on the Facebook behemoth -- so opt-in only if you're sure.

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