FB Profile Used in Robbery Bust

Even using that extra "s" in "https" on Facebook can't keep Facebook profiles from federal investigators.

Facebook's credo of transparency -- of sharing -- cuts both way if you're a suspected criminal. Not a criminal, mind you, but someone federal investigators deem as a suspect. (Here's Facebook's Subpoena / Search Warrant Guidelines, if you're wondering how exposed you may be.)

With warrants in hand, FB accounts are being scoured for photos, email addresses, cell numbers, friends and anything else that feeds a user's social graph, friend list and user profile.

There have been "a few dozen" search warrants for Facebook accounts since May 2009, according to the Detroit News.

Most recently "Anthony Mrshowoff Wilson" had his account perused by investigators as he was targeted in a bank robbery case. Anthony Wilson told STLToday.com: ""To be honest with you, it does bother me. Facebook could have let me know what was going on. Instead, I got my door kicked down, and all of a sudden I'm in handcuffs."

The FBI suspects Wilson is behind robberies totaling $6,300.

Investigators have been awarded search warrants for emails, search results, IP addresses and other data from companies like Google and other cloud-service providers.

One question for the courts is how much do we own, and how much can and should companies share with authorities without informing the original poster?

Another question is when will it simply not be worth it to post pictures of alleged robbery booty?

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