Fleximus Camera Shoots Odd Angles With Ease

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We're not sure why designer Art Lebedev wants to shoot video from the oddest of angles, but with his new design concept he calls Fleximus, he says "your horizons for creativity will be broadened tremendously."

His design concept for a flexible snorkel-cam with a lens on one end and a compact peephole viewfinder on the other is certainly original.

If that peephole isn't big enough for you, snap on Art's larger viewscreen to give you a better look at the proceedings. We like the simple design of this photo and video camera, adorned with few controls, but obviously well-designed.

Apparently Mr. Lebedev is currently engaged in a flurry of design, also this week releasing "Transparentius," a way for us to see through trucks. Let's hope these latest ideas have better success than his wildly impractical Optimus keyboard with a video screen on each key.

Via Art Lebedev Studios

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