Food is Now Huffable

New device lets you inhale your food through a glass straw.

You know what's old news? Eating. And if swallowing drinkified food is turning out to be too much work for you, you'll be excited to hear that food is now inhaleable. Literally.

Le Whaf is a device invented by a guy at Harvard that takes specially prepared liquid food and vaporizes it. The vapor gets captured in the weird bowl thing in the picture above, and then you can huff it through a glass straw. Laura Powell from the Daily Mail took a few whafs of a lemon tart and describes the experience thusly:

At first, my mouth feels warm and dry; then, as the droplets in the smoke settle, I can make out the particular flavours. The lemon tart is zingy and fresh. Next, a whaf of tarte tatin fills my mouth with caramel... Best of all, each breath (or 'whaf') ­contains hardly any calories -- so you can have as much as you like without gaining weight.

'Hardly any calories' means that 10 minutes of whaffing is only good for about 200 calories, so it might be a good way of enjoying potentially excessive amounts of dessert without paying for it as long as you don't care about texture. Apparently, you can liquefy just about any type of food or drink and get this machine to vaporize it, and its inventor wants to see 'whaf buffets' where you and your straw wander from bowl to bowl, sucking up smoke.

Look for individual Le Whaf units to go on sale this fall for about $135.

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